Analysis of a TV show: Friends

Friends is one of those TV shows that, if you haven’t watched it at this point in your life, you’ve heard far too much about to ever be willing to watch. It’s like jumping onto a boat super late, after it’s already full of other people (fans), who will constantly remind you that they watched Friends in the beginning and they’re not just a fan because they heard everyone talk about it. If you jump on that boat, chances are you will sink.

But sometimes, you have to make that leap.

Friends, season 6, episode 9. “The One Where Ross Got High.”

The TV show is structured like a lot of 90’s comedies, with the over the top laughter and claps in the background when a witty line is delivered.

Monica’s parents are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner, and the episode opens with her telling her boyfriend Chandler that he can’t tell her parents that they’re living together… or even that they’re dating.

The episode is a series of ridiculous errors, but everything ends well (of course), w ith Monica’s parents coming to like Chandler.

The story was funny and lighthearted, and the storyline is easy to follow. Even if you start watching a few minutes in, it’s pretty easy to surmise what you’ve missed and pick up from wherever you began watching. The lines sound natural instead of staged, as in some sitcoms, and the characters are relatable and laughable.

Overall, this episode of Friends delivered lots of laughs and the characters were developed well. Even as a stand-alone episode, you’re able to pick up on the distinct personalities of each character.


2 thoughts on “Analysis of a TV show: Friends

  1. I have to say I’m happy you took my suggestion. Friends is a great show and I love it. I’ve watched Friends since the beginning and I’m not just a fan because everyone talks about it… I really like how you sum up the episode at the end and explain that each episode can stand alone and still be funny. Great Job!


  2. I loved friends growing up, but rewatched it recently. I ended up not enjoying it the second time round. One of my favorite 90s shows is Fraiser… and its still good today!


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