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Welcome back to my blog. It’s time for a revamp! From now on, my blog posts are going to be about one of my favourite subjects—homeschooling.

As most people who know me will attest, I’m very passionate about homeschooling. I was homeschooled all the way through high school, and I wouldn’t change a second of it.


Before we delve into more intense blog posts, in which I’ll talk about education and the benefits of homeschooling, some of the challenges that homeschoolers face, and the all-important topic of “WHICH CURRICULUM DO I CHOOSE”, let’s start off with a bit of a glossary of terms.


For anyone who hasn’t been homeschooled, or more specifically, been raised in a Christian homeschooling family, these are words or titles you probably haven’t heard before. No worries, this glossary will be updated as needed.




Homeschool group/Talk group: A place where all of the societal rejects gather and pretend to be normal, functioning kids. In all seriousness, though. It’s basically show and tell. My homeschool group met once a month and we all took turns doing “presentations” on stage. Afterwards, the kids played while the parents chatted.

Adventures in Odyssey: “Hi, my name’s Chris, and welcome to Adventures in Odyssey”

These words are engrained in my memory, as well as the memory of pretty much every Christian homeschooled kid I’ve ever met. Adventures in Odyssey is a radio show. Each episode is about 25 minutes long. It’s put on by Focus On The Family, and it’s a wonderful show with some great characters. I still listen to my favourite episodes today, with no shame. Okay, maybe a little shame.

Math-U-See: The world’s best math curriculum. No, seriously. The guy who came up with it was a public school teacher. There’s a DVD with him teaching each lesson to his grandkids, then you read the teacher’s manual and do the work sheets. Plus, there’s building blocks. Need I say more?

Abecca: BURN ABECCA WITH FIRE. Every single homeschool kid who’s had a run in with Abecca will tell you to run far, and run fast. The curriculum from hell, yet parents seem to love it because “It’s just like the math you learn in school.” Pfft. K den. Anyways, I was spared the torture of Abecca since my mom (thank goodness) chose to do Math-U-See.

Gym Night: Ahh, gym nights. Every second Friday, my homeschool group would get together at the gym for a night of physical activity, games, and screaming children. The night would start out with everyone together, parents and kids. You’d do a couple laps around the gym, then do warm ups. After that, the older kids would get one side of the gym to do their games, and the younger kids would get the other side. The moms and dads would be on the sidelines to nurse the victims of dodgeball.

Pizza Tag: Just like Octopus tag. Except with pizza. And an oven.

Octopus Tag: Just like Pizza Tag. Except, without the pizza and the oven.

Basically, you’d pick someone to be “it”. The “itter” would be in the middle of the gym, and when they called, everyone else would have to run from one side of the gym to the other. Anyone who got tagged had to sit down. They were now “seaweed”. If you got touched by the “itter” or the “seaweed”, you would have to sit down too. Tons of fun, unless you tripped or kicked the seaweed in the head or stepped on hands while running. Pizza Tag was basically the same thing, except when you got tagged you had to go to the oven until someone called “pizza delivery.”

TobyMac: While other kids were listening to Eminem, I was listening to TobyMac. Christian rapper/rock artist-gone-punk-gone-pop, TobyMac’s songs were the soundtrack to my childhood and early teenage years. He actually makes great music and I’ve been to his concerts a couple of times. He used to be part of DC Talk, but personally I think he sounds better solo. Listen to Jesus Freak. It’s a good song.

IHOP: Okay, to be fair, this isn’t a homeschooling term. It’s a Christian kid term. And it’s not “International House of Pancakes.” It’s International House of Prayer, in Kansas City. Basically it’s a church where people do worship sets 24/7, 365. It’s an amazing place.

HWT: Or, in layman’s terms, Handwriting Without Tears. Or if you’re a little bit less coordinated, you could do Cursive Without Tears. Great curriculum, and if you want a copy I’ll sell mine. Still in good condition, minus the tear stains on the hard pages (hey, the capital B was hard to master).

HSLDA: The Homeschool Legal Defence Association is one of the reason Manitobans have so much freedom when it comes to how ‘we’ educate our children. HSLDA is an amazing resource and a membership with them is definitely worth it. I’ll talk about their work in some of my blog posts.

Public Schoolers: Probably you.

Blimey Cow:  

Just watch it. Please.

This is the only YouTube channel homeschoolers were allowed to watch. It’s amazing.

Messy Mondays:

  “Are you the Bible, because I want to take bits and pieces of what you say and twist them for my own personal gain.”




That’s it for now, folks. It’s far from an extensive list but there’s more to come.


Tune in next time for more ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY


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