Before You Start Your (first) Day (of teaching highschool)

The title of this post is actually inspired by the Twenty One Pilots song “before you start your day.” That’s what I’m listening to while I sit and sip a coffee, still calming down after a day of final tests in college.

That is, in fact, what “we” need to talk about. Tests. To be precise, how to prepare your homeschoolers for post-secondary education.

Last semester, I took my first ever real test. On a bubble sheet. What the heck is a bubble sheet? For anyone who went through the public or private school systems, that’s probably a dumb question. For homeschoolers, it’s a real one.


That’s just one of the things I had to learn in college. I’ve compiled a list of things you may want to Ā consider when educating your child with the idea that they may go on to post-secondary education.


Bubble Tests… teach them what these are and how to do them

Combination Locks… just teach them how to use one. Please.

Group Work with people you don’t know… a huge jump from group work with your siblings or parents

Delegation… how do you manage the afore mentioned group?

Managing a workload on a strict schedule… teach your kids to prioritize

DEADLINES… give your kids deadlines and enforce them

Failure… my first F on an assignment in college crushed me. Spare your kids from that feeling of incompetence and teach them that it’s okay to fail



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