I Can’t Concentrate On Blog Posts

Hi, hello, welcome. Tomorrow is my last day of class, and this is my second last blog post for this semester. Yay! I love homsechooling, but I feel like I’m running out of things to say.
This, in fact, brings me to my next topic.

Don’t push your kids to always do something productive.

I know, it’s a weird statement. But growing up, I would argue that most of the things my siblings and I did built into our lives somehow. We played and we did school and housework and talked with the family and listened to audio dramas that had a message, but we didn’t play Wii or computer games that weren’t educational. My dad teased me for reading ‘fluff’ books, which ultimately discouraged me from reading things for sheer pleasure if it wasn’t building into my life.

Do I regret my childhood? No. But would I do some things a little differently with my kids? Yes.

As an adult now, I don’t know how to ‘veg out,’ so to speak. I can’t watch a movie and zone out, I feel guilty when I spend an hour watching YouTube videos. My friends who went to public school aren’t like that, and that’s one thing I envy.

I want to be able to just be. I think it’s important for mental health. These days I’me exhausted all the time and I need to wind down, but winding down is stressful.


So if you can, let your kids veg out. Let them watch a movie and play on their phone, or zone out for hours while playing a computer game. Not all the time, but occasionally. Let them read fluff and play mindless games. There’s no harm in it. It’s a life skill I’m just learning now—the skill to just exist.


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