Resources for the Resourceful Homeschooler

I'm running out of clever headlines. Today's blog post is a list of some cool/quirky/helpful resources for anyone looking to homeschool or who is currently homeschooling.   Fun Stuff Messy Mondays/Blimey Cow   Blogs   Handy Stuff Home School Legal Defence Association— Grammar Girl (not homeschooling per… Continue reading Resources for the Resourceful Homeschooler

I’ll show you [my curriculum] if you show me yours

On today's menu we have a breakdown of some of the curriculum my family used, from K-12. Hopefully it can give a glimpse into the extend of our studies, and the studies of most traditional homeschoolers. I'll update this with some explanation about each curriculum.   Math U-See Explode the Code Konos Institute for Excellence in… Continue reading I’ll show you [my curriculum] if you show me yours

Wandering into a dangerous amount of detail

Now, we interrupt our regularly scheduled homeschool posts to bring you an assignment from my instructors—a review of Matt Richtel’s A Deadly Wandering.   The book delves deep into the science of attention—or lack thereof. Richtel’s attention to detail is astounding, but it’s a case of “can’t see the forest for the trees”—Richtel spends so… Continue reading Wandering into a dangerous amount of detail

Forget what you heard, homeschoolers are normal (not)—Seven common lies about homeschoolers

So for this week's blog post, I'm going to take some of the most common homeschooler stereotypes and smash them to smithereens (okay, some of them are stereotypes for a reason, so maybe I won't smash all of them).   Homeschoolers are all social rejects/socially awkward This is false, as a general rule. Of course,… Continue reading Forget what you heard, homeschoolers are normal (not)—Seven common lies about homeschoolers